Our team loves what we do and we believe firmly in observing strong business practices and performing with integrity, creating long lasting partnerships and relationships.

GAIA is a value-add acquisition and development real estate company based in Los Angeles, CA. With a personal connection to each of our projects, we take great pride in achieving the highest and best use of our assets while enhancing our communities.

Geo Kim - The Founder and CEO of GAIA

Geo Kim, has over 18 years of experience in commercial, residential, and development real estate. Prior to founding GAIA in August 2021, Geo served as President for One Properties in Los Angeles and an Investment Consultant for Beverly Hills based PLG Estates and Gotham International Properties based in West Hollywood. His responsibilities included strategic planning of existing assets and analysis of potential investment opportunities. He has brought together many different investors and partnerships with 100% success handling a variety of projects from land acquisition to final building completion, including single and multi-family housing, and mixed-use properties. He has experience in dealing with challenging planning, zoning and building codes, and has cultivated a valuable network of connections with other professionals in all aspects of the real estate and building industry.

Geo Kim now provides over 18 years experience and has been involved in over 25 development projects representing more than $325 million dollars in closings.

Jessica Shin - 1st Executive Vice President of GAIA

Jessica Shin, 1 st Executive Vice President of GAIA, prides herself on aggressively representing buyers and sellers of retail, office, industrial and multi-family real estate with a commitment to achieve superior outcomes. Her role encompasses strategic planning, brand management, market research, strengthening relationships with capital providers, spearheading industry and public relations.

With over 12 years combined experience in the banking, legal, and real estate investment industry. Jessica has a track record of success for identifying business development opportunities representing families and small investors, private equity, owner-users and institutional investors with asset requirements ranging from $5 million to $20 million.

Jessica provides her database of the most active buyers and sellers in Los Angeles Orange County, and overseas with maximum investment exposures. She completes every deal with dedication and efficiency, never losing sight of the client’s best interest.

Nicolas Yoon - Director of Commercial & Development of GAIA

Nicolas Yoon, is driven and defined by providing value in real estate through service and integrity displaying exceptional client communication, honesty, and perseverance that leads to results. The core belief that relationships outweighs transactions, has become the standard in his ability to form long lasting connections and achieve the best outcomes in every deal.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in Los Angeles, he is fluent in English, Korean, and Spanish —and speaks all three languages on a daily basis with his diverse client base. He strives to not only provide market knowledge, but to navigate each client and deals custom tailored according to the needs that's required to accomplish all objectives.

Nicolas brings experience in excellent customer service and a commitment to hard work, listen, and follow through. He brings quality of service build relationships with clients and more importantly, maintain those relationships by communicating effectively.

Daniel Chung - Acquisition Specialist of GAIA

Daniel takes pride in using his experience and knowledge in online marketing and social media. Aside from marketing he utilizes accurate data research for our GAIA team, but also to assist his clients. Daniel keeps up with the new source of marketing in current online trends and technologies that benefits the GAIA team and clients.

Daniel was in the service industry for more than ten years. From those experiences, he learned how to catch people's needs and wants. It goes the same in real estate as well; Daniel will find you the best properties that match your wants.

Integrity and Passion exemplify who Daniel stands for. He finds properties for the clients as he would for a family member with honesty and integrity.

Soobin Kwon – US & Global Market Researcher of GAIA

Soobin Kwon is Results-oriented and data-driven Market Research
Analyst, skilled at determining how clients perceive properties and
services. As an expert able to make accurate recommendations based
on comprehensive and thorough research and interpretation of data,
she is capable of evaluating the market and competitive conditions.
Based on the extensive and deep expertise accumulated over the
years in market analysis, She sincerely supports brokers across all
service lines and property types through market research to support
business development efforts and client consultation.

She strives to achieve maximum business growth and achieve all goals.

Miri N. Yoo - On-line marketing & showing specialist of GAIA

Miri N. Yoo has experience in various fields such as fashion design and culinary arts prior to transitioning into real estate. Miri has always appreciated experiencing new passions and focuses throughout her professional career. Moving from one field to another has allowed her to develop a wide range of skills and perspectives that are invaluable in the real estate industry.

Whether it's Miri's eye for design, attention to detail, or ability to connect with people from all walks of life, her varied experience is a testament to her flexibility, adaptability, and willingness to explore new horizons - all of which are essential qualities for success in the dynamic and ever-changing world of real estate.

Daniel Kang - Director of Acquisition & Development of GAIA

Daniel Kang is a dynamic and visionary real estate professional with a passion for collaboration. With an extensive network and substantial capital at his disposal, Daniel is primed to invest in and transform the real estate landscape.

Armed with a forward-thinking mindset, Daniel is not bound by conventional limits. He possesses a remarkable ability to think outside the box and connect the dots, identifying unique opportunities and forging innovative paths to success. His entrepreneurial spirit fuels his drive to challenge the status quo and reshape the way real estate operates.

Daniel's expansive network of industry leaders, investors, and professionals positions him as a catalyst for change. Through strategic alliances and collaborations, he creates synergistic connections that foster growth and propel the real estate world forward.

With a keen eye for emerging trends and emerging markets, Daniel leverages his capital and network to invest in transformative projects. His vision extends beyond mere transactions; he envisions transformative spaces that enhance communities and leave a lasting impact.

Jia Seo - On-line marketing & showing specialist of GAIA

For being a people person, Jia Seo enjoys engaging in meaningful conversations and making connections with new individuals. This innate ability to connect and empathize with others has driven her to pursue a career in real estate, where her enthusiasm for meeting people and understanding their needs will be invaluable.

Jia’s ultimate goal is to become a trustworthy professional in the real estate field, someone whose name carries a reputation for excellence and reliability. She is determined to provide personalized solutions and unparalleled service to clients, ensuring their utmost satisfaction and confidence in her abilities.
Jia is committed to leaving a positive impact on the lives of those she works with and helping them find their dream homes or investment properties and look forward to the exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead on this rewarding path in real estate.