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Creative Jdea

Creative Jdea is an interior design company and showroom. Founded and based in Los Angeles, Creative Jdea focuses on taking the vision of the client and creating something unique and unforgettable every time. With focus on commercial and residential projects as the designer, we take your idea and turn it into a new concept.

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YM Homes

YM Homes Inc. is a design-build company with exceptional experience in urban development in the county of Los Angeles. We specialize in the entitlement, development, and construction of residential, mixed-use, and commercial properties.

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Two Hands

Two Hands is a franchise company for the Corn dogs. With the partnership with CNP Foods, which is Korea's fastest-growing company in the F&B industry, we work with several brands in taking the US by storm that has already been proven to be a mega-seller brand in Korea starting with our very own 'Two Hands Corndogs', 'Seoul Pho', 'Double Trouble Union' and 'Thanks Pizza'.



URD is a development company that seeks to provide a one-line, one-stop service—architecture, construction, and real estate—for clients. With more than 25 years of experience in the design/build field, we provide a single source of responsibility for real estate development, from project conception to building occupancy and operation, guaranteeing the client's success and happiness. Give us a call to discover what we can do for you.



Co-Living, Furnished Apartments, and Private Rooms for Rent Private rooms and shared happiness. Each beautiful day starts at home. Tripalink creates co-living communities and student housing opportunities across the US. We simplify the apartment search to reduce the cost of living, create beautiful homes, and help both students and young professionals find a community in their city.

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Communication / Commodity / Community
Truly understanding the need and the intention of the client is most essential in our process. Only by comprehending the client’s need along with other factors such as code and environmental limitations, can a creative form be made.



LOENGREEN is our version of a contraction of “LOVE AND GREEN.” Likewise, the LOENGREEN logo represents looking through a window and seeing a human living in harmony with nature. LOENGREEN aims to do its best to achieve our customer’s dream, goal, and vision.