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Creative Jdea

Creative Jdea is an interior design company and showroom. Founded and based in Los Angeles, Creative Jdea focuses on taking the vision of the client and creating something unique and unforgettable every time. With focus on commercial and residential projects as the designer, we take your idea and turn it into a new concept.

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YM Homes

YM Homes Inc. is a design-build company with exceptional experience in urban development in the county of Los Angeles. We specialize in the entitlement, development, and construction of residential, mixed-use, and commercial properties.

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Two Hands

Two Hands is a franchise company for the Corn dogs. With the partnership with CNP Foods, which is Korea's fastest-growing company in the F&B industry, we work with several brands in taking the US by storm that has already been proven to be a mega-seller brand in Korea starting with our very own 'Two Hands Corndogs', 'Seoul Pho', 'Double Trouble Union' and 'Thanks Pizza'.